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December 28, 2009
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Lelouch's Alignment Chart by AlsoSprachOdin Lelouch's Alignment Chart by AlsoSprachOdin
Tried to make the actual contexts of the scenes used, the pictures themselves, and the quotes fit with the various alignments. DA took my first one down, so I improved it and re-uploaded.
Version 1.1 with better phrasing in NG and NE, and Chaotic Good changed, because that line is so Robin Hood and more important to Lelouch's character.
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Now the real question, which one was the real Lelouch? His goal was nuetral good, but did he even acomplish that? He left her all alone, so, which one is real? All of them, none?
I think the real Lelouch was the one we saw as he was dying, the one that was willing to destroy and remake the world for his beloved little sister.  He had worn so many masks throughout his life that even he didn't realize who he truly was until the end.  I think that's the real Lelouch.  Everything else was nothing more than a mask (The Demon Emperor) or just another facet of his personality (Zero).

When you think about it, Lelouch is probably one of the most complex characters in any and all anime because he is so well-developed.  In a way, he is just like a diamond.  No matter which side you look at, as long as you're only seeing one or two sides, you're not seeing the whole.  The whole Lelouch is the one I mentioned above, the one willing to do anything for Nunnally's sake.  Even destroy and recreate the world.
miki-chan13 Oct 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Pretty much sums the kid up.
Lexi2322 Jul 14, 2013  Student Artist
Lol Chaotic Evil
I like that one
So where's "I choose to fight evil with evil to destroy the greater evil."

The one thing about this kind of action is that whenever they come up, the reason they came up to begin with is that there is simply no better alternative, and it becomes ABSOLUTELY necessary to perform it for anything resembling a better outcome.

The main conflict then is not whether it is justified to commit a smaller evil even if it is to stop a greater evil; but whether the person who have to make the choice choose to commit it (and possibly reach a relatively better outcome), or not to commit it out of whatever his/her principles he/she held (and possibly condemning the situation to go down the unthinkably worse alternative path).

If the character wants to achieve a better outcome, and there is no other choice other than lesser evil or greater evil, then there's never really a choice; the problem is whether the strength of character exists to implement it.

This is why I ended up rooting for Lelouch's approach in the struggle rather than Suzaku's - when one factors in all the info concerning how INSANELY HOPELESS the situation is for the heroes fighting against Brittania, all the lines Lelouch crossed to overthrow Brittainia becomes logical, and necessary, whereas Suzaku's approach appears nothing more than idealism that ultimately cannot last; and as we seen towards the finale, it really didn't last.
Actually, that used to be the Chaotic Good. Changed it. I guess I'm not really satisfied with either. I think it would have been best if I could find some quote that's an obvious lie for a good purpose, or one about all the promises Lelouch has broken.
I just think that particular line summed up Lelouch the best.
I COULD COMFORT U LELOUCH!!!! :iconimpervyplz:
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